ClearCorrect in Murfreesboro, TN: Cleaning Tips

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Braces are not always the first option of some people when it comes to orthodontics. Maybe they are not that confident to smile knowing that their teeth are loaded with metal brackets and wires. Or perhaps, the inconvenience of keeping traditional braces clean discourages them to invest in the said oral device. Fortunately, ClearCorrect aligners are introduced. They made the lives of orthodontic patients easy and hassle-free.

ClearCorrect Aligners

ClearCorrect aligners are available in our clinic at Salem Creek Family Dental. We deliver this type of orthodontic treatment because we know how advantageous it is compared to the conventional approach. ClearCorrect aligners promote the proper positioning of the teeth the same way braces do. However, these dental devices are removable, clear, and metal-free. They are also switched every two weeks to align the teeth and hasten the treatment accurately. Since the transparent trays can be dislodged in the mouth, wearers can eat the foods that they like and clean their aligners appropriately.

How to Keep ClearCorrect Aligners Clean?

Here are several ways to keep ClearCorrect aligners clean and clear:

Always Clean the Aligners

As much as possible, never allow bacteria to settle in the orthodontic appliance. Make it a habit to rinse the aligner from time to time. Do not let the device stay in the mouth when eating. Remove it instead and be sure to brush your teeth before using it again.

Use Antimicrobial Soap

A gentle antibacterial soap can help keep ClearCorrect aligners from bacteria. Do an occasional cleansing routine using this product.

Soak the Aligners

In an instance where discoloration affects the plastic tray, you can soak it in a particular solution to remove stains and bring back its invisible appearance.

Clean Your Teeth

Any leftover particles that are trapped on the teeth can transfer to the orthodontic device. That is why we highly suggest cleaning the mouth after eating and before popping the aligner back in.

ClearCorrect aligners can be a breeding ground of bacterias which when tolerated can impact the overall oral health negatively. Counter this occurrence by following the tips above.

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