Easy Ways to Keep the Teeth Healthy

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The teeth are, without a doubt, essential for a person’s daily life. These pearly whites are used to break down the food needed by the body and in communicating with other people. What’s amazing is, despite their size, they are considered the hardest substance in the body because of the enamel. But no matter how strong they are, they need to be cared for properly since they cannot heal on their own. Once damaged or lost, the only way to restore them is by considering dental restorations.

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With that said, let us at Salem Creek Family Dental provide you with some easy to follow tips to keep the teeth in excellent shape!

Limit the consumption of sugary and acidic foods

The problem with acids and sugar is, they can slowly wear down the enamel. As this structure weakens, they become more vulnerable to cavities. To prevent the teeth from eroding, it is best to be mindful when consuming substances like coffee, soda, tea, and certain fruits.

Drink plenty of water

As simple as this tip may be, know that it is key to keep both the body and mouth healthy. Drinking water helps in washing away harmful substances that can threaten the state of the teeth and other oral structures. This practice is what keeps the mouth protected, even in between brushes.

Remember to clean the tongue

Aside from the teeth, the other area where plaque and other harmful substances can accumulate is the tongue. If not cleaned properly, apart from bad breath, it can lead to other oral complications as well. Make sure to brush the tongue at the same time as the teeth for a more thorough mouth clean.

Hard to floss? Keep on going!

Flossing may not be as simple as brushing, but this does not mean that people can ditch the practice. Brushing alone is not enough since some areas in the mouth can be left unclean; fortunately, flossing can cover the portions left by toothbrush bristles.

Brush properly

It is essential for patients to brush their teeth following the right technique that is because cleaning the teeth poorly is the same as not brushing at all. The best thing to do is brush in gentle circular motions to get rid of plaque. If this is not practiced, plaque can harden into tartar, which can only be removed by dental professionals.

Not just any oral product would do

Due to the wide variety of toothpaste, people are having a hard time choosing the best one to use. Consider the ones that contain fluoride since the said mineral helps in protecting the teeth by forming a barrier against the attack of harmful acids.

But there is another form of teeth protection we at Salem Creek Family Dental recommend our patients to consider—dental sealants! The said treatment is performed on the teeth with deep and narrow pits on the chewing surface where bacteria can accumulate, and acids can attack. These are the portion of the teeth that are most vulnerable since even the thinnest toothbrush bristles cannot reach and clean the pits. The good thing is, the procedure does not involve any drillings or shots. Anyone and any age can surely benefit from getting dental sealants.

Get added protection to your teeth by considering Sealants in Murfreesboro, TN! Book your appointment with Salem Creek Family Dental to get started. We are located at 2658 New Salem Hwy., #A5, Murfreesboro, TN 37128.