Facts Every Athlete Should Know About Mouth Guards

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Although athletes already wear protectors like shin guards, pads, or helmets, there is one more part of the body that needs protection. One factor that can cause a person to lose teeth is dental injuries acquired through contact sports. That said, it is essential for a person to get all the forms of precautions available to ensure overall wellness.

Fortunately, there is a particular item an athlete can avail of for an added protection to the oral structures. At Salem Creek Family Dental, we offer an oral appliance that can prevent the upper and lower dental arches from coming into contact while serving as a cushion for the jaw bones and muscles. At our practice, patients can expect that we do not settle for less. So, instead of providing a one size fits all oral device, we opted in a customized appliance that is made under the expertise and experience of a dental professional. Thanks to this appliance, athletic patients can keep playing the games they love without feeling hesitant to give it their all since they are assured that their mouths are well protected.


Curious about mouth guards? Here is a list of facts about the said oral appliance!

Braces-wearers can get mouth guards

Contrary to what most people believe, wearing braces cannot stop athletes from playing since mouth guards can be customized based on the needs of a particular patient. The protective appliance helps protect the soft tissues of the mouth by serving as a barrier for the brackets and wires.

The reason why getting custom-made mouth guards is the better option for braces-wearers is: over the counter guards can sometimes be too loose to offer adequate protection or too tight that it prevents the teeth from moving according to the guidance of the orthodontic appliance.

Proper oral care is crucial

Since mouth guards are worn in the mouth, there is a big chance for bacteria to cling on to the appliance. That said, it is essential for patients to clean the oral device by brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and rinsing it with cold water before storing it in a ventilated container.

A person only needs a mouth guard for the upper dental arch

In most cases, athletes are only given a single mouth guard. Know that this offers adequate protection, plus, it makes breathing easier and it offers a more comfortable fit. However, for braces-wearers getting mouth guards for both the upper and lower arches is ideal.

Replace mouth guards regularly

Over time, athletes may notice that their oral appliance is showing signs of tear and wear. When this happens, it is highly advised to have the mouth guard replaced since the material may no longer be adequately thick to protect the oral structures. The best measure to take is by bringing the appliance along during routine visits for the dentist to monitor its state. Once a replacement is advised, make sure not to delay.

Continue doing the things you love while showing some love for your oral structures by getting Mouth Guards in Murfreesboro, TN! Call or visit us at Salem Creek Family Dental to get started.