Orthodontic Retainers in Murfreesboro, TN: Straight Facts

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Imagine investing your time and money for orthodontic treatment. Ponder at how you bear with the oral device for a year or two. Surely, you might be the happiest person on earth after finishing the whole treatment and seeing your newly straightened smile. The thought of redoing the entire orthodontic process is definitely not in your mind. However, did you know that you can actually live with aligners and brackets or wires once again if you fail to wear your retainers?


Orthodontic Treatment


Facts About Retainers

At Salem Creek Family Dental, we advise our patients to wear retainers after completing an orthodontic treatment to keep the treated teeth in their proper position. If you are unfamiliar about it, here are the things that you ought to know:

Before, retainers used to be removable with pink colored plastic and bendable wire. While they are still available today, the modern type of retainers is made of transparent materials. Some are even highly unnoticeable as the thin wires are bonded at the back portion of the front teeth. You can ask us at Salem Creek Family Dental regarding the type of retainers that are best suited for you.

  • Retainers are custom-made for each patient for proper fitting. It can be placed on the upper or lower portion of the teeth.
  • The purpose of retainers is not just to support the proper positioning of the teeth. In fact, some people opted for the dental appliance to close the gaps on their teeth, remedied specific medical issues, and even to aid speech problems.
  • The use of retainers is recommended after wearing braces due to the fact that it is inevitable for the teeth to shift as the body matures. However, retainers work by controlling any potential shifting.
  • Retainers can be a home of bacteria and plaque, that is why it is essential to clean the appliance every day using the appropriate cleansers. We at Salem Creek Family Dental will give you instructions about the proper retainer care upon receiving the treatment.


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