“Teeth Whitening Gone Wrong” Stories in Murfreesboro, TN

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All can agree with this: A white smile, is a winning smile, that is why almost all of the people in the U.S make teeth whitening a part of their dental care routine. Indeed, whitening the teeth can do a lot for the person’s smile and profile – only if it’s done properly. However, when the procedure is compromised, it will leave nothing but a disaster. This is what happened to the two ladies who, in the quest of achieving pearly-white teeth, made awful decisions and regret in their lives.


Toothless Instead of White Tooth

A mommy of two from Lancaster, Lancs, refused to leave the house after losing her two front teeth due to a failed teeth whitening treatment done by an unauthorized beautician. Her gums were badly damaged by peroxide, leaving the dentist no choice but to pull out the affected teeth.

Kellie Taylor, the victim, paid a huge amount for the treatment without knowing that the technician will cause her so much misery. According to Taylor, she began to get scared after feeling soreness and sensitivity during the procedure. To reduce the discomfort, she took painkillers for about two weeks, but it became unbearable, making her address the issue with a dental professional. And the dentist’s verdict? Tooth Extraction.


Teeth Whitening


White Teeth or Pouty Lips?

A teeth whitening session went horribly wrong leaving Abbie Kilbride, an eighteen-year-old woman from Renfrewshire, with burnt lips. Although her swollen and painful lips make her look like the famous Kylie Jenner, it became difficult for her to eat and speak. Poor Kilbride was rushed to the hospital. For help her lips get back to normal, she maintained a strict diet.

According to her, she wanted her teeth whitened after an orthodontic braces treatment, so she booked an appointment to the technician that she discovered on Facebook. The whole procedure was done at Kilbride’s home which includes the application of gels on the girl’s teeth every fifteen minutes for an hour. Thinking that her numb mouth was due to the gum shield, she neglected the issue. The terror started after seeing her swollen lips in the mirror. The next day, she woke up with tight and huge lips.

The moral of the story? There is no shortcut to success. If you want to achieve something like a beautiful, white smile you have to do it right with the right person in the right place. And guess what, Salem Creek Family Dental is the go-to place if you want to achieve pearly-white teeth in a safer way. Our Teeth Whitening treatment with the use of the KoR system will help you attain the white smile that you always dreamed of.


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