The List of Tools Used for Root Canal Treatment in Murfreesboro, TN

The infection inside the patient’s tooth cannot be diminished successfully without the dentists’ help and their collection of special dental instruments, of course. Root canals are quite complex, but these particular tools can make the task of the dental professional go a lot smoother.

Upon visiting us at Salem Creek Family Dental for a root canal therapy, you will be exposed to a bunch of unfamiliar dental paraphernalia. Some of which may look frightening; yet, do know that these tools are highly needed to accomplish the procedure effectively. Besides, local anesthesia and sedation dentistry are there to make root canal treatments comfortable.


Root Canal Treatment


Common Tools Used During Root Canals

Expect these various dental apparatus to be present during your root canal treatment:

Root Canal Explorer

This type of tool looks like a pointy needle attached to a stainless steel handle. Its function is to locate the hole of the tooth after it is opened with an instrument called ‘bur.’ Aside from this, the root canal explorer can help reduce the number of calcified plaque in the mouth.

Files and Reamers

To make the canals more accessible files and reamers are utilized. These tools usually come in different sizes. They are used according to their measurements—from the smallest to the largest.

Endodontic Burs

Like files and reamers, burs also have different size and shapes. They are responsible for opening the affected tooth to make an entryway for the canals.


Excavators are used for the tissue residing in the inner portion of the tooth to be removed. The said dental instrument resembles the root canal explorer, but they both differ in terms of the size and sharpness. Among the two, the excavators are longer and razor-sharp.

Gates-Glidden Drills

If the infection is seated in the molars, the gates-glidden drill can help open the canal further. It is also useful during root canal retreatment as it can remove the gutta-percha in the patient’s tooth.

Barbed Broach

This root canal instrument plays a vital role in the removal of the dead tissues from the tooth. It is also recognized that barbed broach is the only tool that can eliminate a significant amount of infected tissues.

May you not feel intimidated after knowing the frequently used dental tools during root canals. Take note that these mediums do not aim to make you feel uncomfortable for they are actually used to alleviate pain.


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