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A smile makeover is the ultimate way to dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. We provide individualized smile makeover plans that cater to a patient’s unique teeth-enhancement needs and desires.

Smile Makeover in Murfreesboro

There are many factors that go into planning a complete smile makeover. Each person is unique and has their own set of individual needs that must be considered. We always take the time to carefully consider a patient’s existing features so that the best results can be provided every single time. Some of the features we might consider include facial structure, skin tone, gum tissue, lips and overall mouth size.

We always make sure to ask our patients what they already like about their smiles and what exactly they would like to improve upon or correct. Some of the considerations that go into a complete smile makeover include:

  • Tooth Color: Most patients receiving a smile makeover want a whiter and brighter smile that still looks natural. There are several ways that we can enhance the coloring of a person’s teeth during a smile makeover. Simple color improvements can be made with professional teeth whitening treatments. We may also use composite bonding treatments or veneers in order to enhance tooth color.
  • Spacing and Alignment: An important part of a beautiful smile is for the teeth to appear even and properly aligned. Some common issues are length, awkward positioning, excessive gaps and crowding. We can often correct these issues using composite bonding treatments, veneers or orthodontic treatments. Once the makeover is complete, the patient will enjoy an even and straightened smile.
  • Restorations: Many smiles are dampened because of oral injuries and damaged teeth. Visibly damaged tooth enamel, along with chipped and cracked teeth can damage a smile. Our practice can provide composite bonding treatments to correct minor damage. And we can use dental crowns to restore severely damaged or lost teeth. Not only will restorations improve the look of the patient’s smile, but they will also go a long way towards restoring their oral health.

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Review from Cherie
five stars


I had the BEST experience at Salem Creek Family Dental! I had an extremely painful toothache and was able to get in right away and Dr. Costello was AMAZING and so was her assistant Miranda!! They helped make the experience so relaxing it was almost enjoyable! And believe me coming from someone with severe "dentist anxiety" that is saying a lot! I had no pain at all even after the procedure! Dr Costello even called the next day to check on how things were going! I recommend this dentist office to everyone!
Review from Reba Pinner
five stars

Reba Pinner

Very best staff and exceptional dental care. The office is beautiful, comfortable and spotless. Highly recommend this dental office. I have very sensitive teeth and they always ensure a comfortable treatment. The staff is friendly and work to accommodate patients’ needs.
Review from Jonna Hamby
five stars

Jonna Hamby

Dr. Costello really helped me out when I needed a mouth guard for grinding my teeth. She took the time to work with my crazy schedule and went the extra mile to let me know she was invested in my needs! Her office was so clean and welcoming, and both she and her staff are beyond kind. Thanks, Dr. Costello!
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Dr. Ashley Costello
When Dr. Ashley Costello opened Salem Creek Family Dental, her goal was – and still is – to create a compassionate and affordable dental home for families in her hometown of Murfreesboro.

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