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Dental Extractions
in Murfreesboro, TN

Looking for a Murfreesboro dental office that provides gentle dental extractions? Salem Creek Family Dental offers tooth extractions in-house, as well as excellent tooth-replacement options for patients who need one or more teeth removed and replaced. To learn more about our restorative services and schedule your next visit with our team, please contact us!

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When is it necessary to have a tooth removed?

A tooth may need to be removed if it has become severely decayed or damaged and cannot be repaired with a filling or crown. Extractions can also be necessary for impacted wisdom teeth, advanced gum disease that has loosened a tooth, or overcrowded teeth that prevent proper alignment. In some cases, teeth may be removed for orthodontic treatment or if they’re causing an infection that threatens nearby teeth and bone. Our team will evaluate your situation and recommend extraction if we believe it is the best option for your oral health.

Is having a tooth extracted painful?

Dental extractions are generally not painful, thanks to modern dental techniques and anesthesia. Before the extraction, Dr. Costello or Sifuentes will numb the area with a local anesthetic, minimizing potential pain and discomfort during the procedure. However, you might feel some pressure or movement. Posttreatment, it’s common to experience some discomfort once the anesthesia wears off. This can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and by getting plenty of rest and following your aftercare instructions.

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How long does it take to recover from a dental extraction?

Recovery from a dental extraction typically takes about one to two weeks. During the first few days, you may experience some swelling and mild discomfort, which can typically be managed with pain relievers and ice packs. It’s also crucial to follow your extraction aftercare instructions during this time; patients should stick to eating soft foods, avoid smoking, and not use straws to promote healing. Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days, but complete healing of the extraction site may take longer.

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